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When booking a play session our visitors agree to Toddler Town’s terms and conditions:

Toddler Town is a play centre where the parents or carers accept full responsibility for the supervision of the children in their care. Toddler Town’s staff cannot be asked or expected to supervise any child for any reason.

Children of all ages are welcome to play, but the centre is specifically designed for young children (0 – 7 years).

All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and socks must be worn by both children and adults

Bookings can be made in advance online, by contacting us in the centre, by email or via phone.

Our sessions are 90 minutes long with an allocated time after each session for our staff to tidy up. If you arrive after the session has commenced you will have the choice of either joining that session for the remaining time or transferring your booking to another day if there are spaces.

Please note that fighting will not be permitted and if it occurs you will be asked to leave, without a refund.

We ask that all children treat the toys as they would at home and not intentionally break anything. Parents or carers will be asked to pay for the item if intentional damage is made. We do however understand that accidents can happen.

If you have not pre-booked you run the risk that the session may be fully booked when you arrive. In such cases we would not be able to accommodate you, as pre-booked places have priority.

All children and adults, apart from babies and pre-walkers, must pay the entry price.

Although bookings are non refundable, a booking can be transferred to another session.

Toddler Town Gillingham require at least 24 hours to rearrange pre booked sessions. We will ałways do our best to rearrange them for you.

Group or party bookings are permitted up to a maximum of 35 persons inclusive of adults, children and babies.

An ‘exclusive use’ group or party booking covers exclusive use of the play centre for a 90 min session. On booking an exclusive use party a deposit of £25 is payable.

Party numbers need to be confirmed at least one week in advance for catering purposes.

There is no need to arrive early for your party as everything will have been taken care of for you.

Please allow adequate time for clearing up after your party as we will have a next session starting.

Party food is only to be consumed in the cafe area. No food or drink is allowed in the play areas.

please ensure children’s hand and feet are cleaned thoroughly before they renenter the play area.

Children remain the responsibility of there parents or the party host during the party.

  • The use of cameras are permitted at Toddler Town, but please be respectful of others and avoid taking photos of children not in your party. We cannot be liable for pictures uploaded by others.

Customers should keep all valuables with them at all times.

Customers bringing personal belongings into Toddler Town do so at their own risk. We accept no liability for any loss or damage to visitors’ belongings.

Toddler Town accepts no responsibility for any thing left in the prams or coats during visits, and unfortunately accepts no liability for any loss or damage to them.